I was fascinated with this news... [embed]http://www.anonews.co/nasas-kepler-telescope/[/embed] For me, the alien harness the power of the sun using transparent solar panel concentrator, article below. [embed]https://energy.mit.edu/news/transparent-solar-cells/[/embed] It would be very interesting that someday we humans can communicate with them and share technologies from each other. Hope it will happen before I die. Hehehe..
Few years back year 2008, attending World Youth Day 2008 at Sydney-Australia, I met Cardinal Luis Antonio “Chito” Gokim Tagle and that time he was a Bishop and also known as the Bishop of Imus, Cavite. Few weeks ago, when Pope Benedict XVI is about to resign which is uncommon to happen and it was really the first time to happen. So the rumors spread about the resigning Pope and the search of the new Pope has began. Watching the news, I saw a familiar face of the candidates to be a pope but I am not sure because its just a split of seconds and he was just a background. Today at OneNews.co.nz, they featured Cardinal Luis Antonio “Chito” Gokim Tagle that he may be a Pope. Really? If he will be the pope, he will be the first Asian Pope then. Here's the picture with him, of course I'm not in the picture because I am the one who took it. [caption id="attachment_950" align="aligncenter" width="744"]Cardinal Luis Antonio “Chito” Gokim Tagle Cardinal Luis Antonio “Chito” Gokim Tagle with Irra Angela Chiong and friends....[/caption] I just realised that I should have a picture with him.. Hahahahaa.. Cardinal Luis Antonio “Chito” Gokim Tagle is a very good high charisma and wisdom -- very energetic too. He enlightened us all during the catechism. There are 3 priest that time and two made us very sleepy but when Cardinal Tagle's turn as the last preacher, he put spirits to all youth. Awesome! More to read: http://www.catholicherald.co.uk/features/2013/03/09/the-men-who-could-be-pope-cardinal-luis-antonio-tagle/
Freelance Freedom by NC Winters
Posted: 20 May 2009, 17:51pm - Wednesday
These comic trips by N.C. Winters relates my work pretty much...

Computer Online Shop in New Zealand
Posted: 9 Apr 2015, 4:26am - Thursday
I just found the reliable and best way to shop online with computer parts, accessories etc. Just browse at www.crongroup.co.nz and you'll get the best deal. :) crongroup
Railway Hotel in Palmerston North, New Zeleand
Posted: 2 Feb 2013, 2:08am - Saturday
It's been two weeks now in Palmerston North. There's two accommodation that I choose, the Railway and @theHub. At the end, I chose to stay at Railway Hotel at 275 Main street. It is owned by Garry Young, a very good landlord... He always ask my comfort staying at his hotel/hostel/backpackers lodge. The room is excellent and I am satisfied what Garry offered me. He also include the WiFi internet for free of charge and with free car park. Unlike @theHub, their internet will cost you 27$ per week and the car park for 20$ per week. I will just share my experience looking for a place to stay with in Palmerston North. Monday, first prospect was @theHub introduced by my sister's friend and I booked the studio type 200$/week from their website. I visit the next @thHub to confirm if I could transfer on Saturday and they said, they will check the vacancy and the assigned staff that day showed me the room (rm 707 I think) and I saw the size, included furniture, bathroom, bed etc and the staff said its just 200$/week and 4 weeks bond which will cost $800 when I move in. So I came back again to @theHub after two days, they said their computer network is down, they cannot look up my bookings. So I came back again the next day, this droopy eyes staff said all he could offer is the 250$/week and 4 weeks bond (which will cost me 1000$ to move in) then I said if could I check the room. So this other big guy show me the room (703) and when I saw the room, its exactly the same the last room that I saw last few days ago and they said its 250$/week. Back in the reception area, I told them that if they could hold it for me because I'm contacting someone for my finances in my stay in Palmy which I've been contacting my sister if its okay to rent a studio type with a price of 250$/week. But my sister didn't reply and its Friday which I need to move on Saturday. A week before, my sister said they will visit me in Palmy to move me to a better place which I was currently staying at Pepper Tree backpackers. So Saturday morning, I told my sister that she will try to talk the receptionist without me if she can book and move as walk-in. Because I have this feeling this droopy eyes idiot staff @theHub is only good to females. So my sister and her friend talk to the receptionist, and guess what at the end of their negotiation, they offer to my sister that they could find a way that my sister and her friend could transfer or move right away to @theHub with a price of 200$/week! Fuck the @theHub accommodation staff and management! I said to my sister, this staff are shit! And I think they are racist too! So if you're a male Asian and attempt to book @theHub, don't bother to do it. You'll waste your time. They are morons! My verdict for @theHub, Female MANIAC! Next suspected accommodation is the Palmy 31. All I can say, its hard to book or talk to their staff. Their office hours is only 4PM to 5PM and if you are working from 8:30Am to 5AM, you can't catch this staff. When you called them, they will say to book online. And when you visit their website, there's a form but you cannot submit electronically. How dumb that website? They have to fill you up the form then print it and then fax it to them. That's their instruction! What kind of system was that? How hassle that could be for the people trying to book and visit the site. My verdict for this Palmy 31, dumb system! Lastly, Railway Hotel. I just visit the place and meet Garry, talk to him and show me the room, the laundry area, kitchen area and boom! He said, I could transfer right away and the transfer fee is only 2 weeks, the room is 195$/week with bathroom, and 6 weeks minimum stay which I will be staying in Palmy Nth for 3 months and its a good deal. The room includes; large LED HD TV, fridge, microwave, heater and furniture. So I took the room and staying in Railway Hotel comfortably. I am also walking distance to the Warehouse, New World, Asian store, fish & chips store and most of all, near enough to my work place. :) Railway Hotel website: http://www.railwayhotel.co.nz Contact Garry for your accommodation needs in Palmerston North. Phone: +64 6 354-5037 Fax: +64 6 354-6268
Yey! Fibre100 Internet Connection installed
Posted: 5 Aug 2014, 21:20pm - Tuesday

Finally, my Fibre100 internet connection has been installed.Thanks Vodafone. Though I have a long wait for 3 weeks before it get installed, but I think its worthy. :) Hopefully I will be given a static IP address.

After enuiry, Vodafone replied my Static IP address will be activated within 24-48 hours. Weeehh!

Planet Gliese 581g
Posted: 2 Oct 2010, 20:22pm - Saturday
Since I was a kid, I dream to be part of interstellar exploration... And now a new planet has been found and called Planet Gliese 581g, the feeling being part of the exploration team is tinkling my thoughts again... If ever there's a advanced space craft will be built for the voyage to Planet Gliese 581g, I wish I could join the team as Water boy or Decoy for Alien Monsters. Bwuahahaha.. Distance is 20 light years and 1.17569996 × 1014 in miles. Whoah! That is so far! I will miss my dogs badly by that time reached in Planet Gliese 581g.. bwuahhahaha...

Hey NASA, let me join in to your team... :) Reference: