The thing I wanna see...
Posted: 13 Mar 2009, 5:42am - Friday

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Finally, I saw the thing that I wanna see worn by her. ...And that's the sunglass! :D A birthday present last November 17, 2008.
Charee Pineda
Posted: 20 Nov 2008, 0:54am - Thursday
[caption id="attachment_24" align="alignleft" width="156" caption="Charee Pineda"]Charee Pineda[/caption] Charee Pineda is one of the celebrity participant of "Ready, Set, RORO!" DBP Interisland Race 2008 - Year 3. As I conclude, she's a beautiful, simple and demure girl. She's just like an angel after all... :) Unluckily, I was unable to talk to her much during the Race. Their team were eliminated in Cebu Leg. However, she still show up herself at the awarding night, November 12, 2008, at DBP Makati Head Office. That was the last moment I saw her. :(
Maria Beatriz "Bea" Saw Birthday
Posted: 17 Nov 2008, 1:02am - Monday
[caption id="" align="alignleft" width="210" caption="Beatriz "Bea" Saw"]Bea Saw[/caption] Having a celebrity friend is not easy... especially giving a gift on her birthday. Because we all know she can afford everything. I was having difficulty looking a gift. I ask few suggestions from my friends, Toni and Edz and somehow it helps. Honestly, I am not capable of choosing a good gift for women. Bea's gift? It was my first ever gift that cost much. Asking? (I won't tell! Hahahahaha...) Hope she'll like it. There were two items, one item was taken from Edz suggestion and the other was my own instinct. And it's not about how expensive my gift is, but the effort choosing that gift and trying to send on time. And most of all, come from my heart. (Hahaha! O.A.!) Somehow, my gift was still late due to fortuitous event. Hoping to see her wearing my gift on TV... Teehee!