Use magnetic field as ship propulsion
Posted: 29 Jan 2020, 9:08am - Wednesday

I am not an astrophysicist nor great scientist but why we, humans, still use chemical or fossil fuel on getting to space and we know that it is not the answer. I am just wondering if animals able to harness the magnetic field, why are we not using earth's magnetic field as/for our ship propulsion. The very problem on getting to space is escaping our gravity. So if we use the magnetic field, I think it will very easy to escape from earth's gravity. Isn't it?

Electricity is also the the primary element to achieve this goal. Somebody keeps telling me that the answer or native source to our flight to space is magnet and electricity. Traveling from A to B with a distance of hundred thousands to millions of lightspeed can be achieved by magnetic equation + amount of electricity or power.

Once we achieve how to escape the gravity by using the magnetic field, this can be applied to any planets. It will be easy to get in and get out to a planet.

So, I think we really need to stop using chemical or fossil fuel and start using the correct element to achieve space flight. If not, we will not progress.

Can LIGHT be use as propulsion?
Posted: 8 Jul 2018, 12:07pm - Sunday
Can LIGHT be use as propulsion? How about sound wave as propulsion? Currently we are developing the ION propulsion but still in premature stage...   YouTube/watch?v=jjy-eqWM38g