Guide to Migrate in New Zealand as Skilled Migrant
Posted: 26 Dec 2012, 3:19am - Wednesday

I am writing this Guide to help others how to migrate successfully in New Zealand. This guide was based from my experiences on applying in Immigration New Zealand.

  1. Check your skills or profession if its on demand in NZ like the following; Check your skills at the INZ website at
  2. If your skills are on demand, next is check your qualifications (where your study) if its exempt from the NZQA or New Zealand Qualifications Assessment. Check this INZ section at --- in my case, I was in Xavier University and it was listed in the Qualification Exempt from Assessment. See your college/school/university if listed at
  3. Your English proficiency is also required to be good enough. If you are listed in the exempt qualifications, ask for a certificate that the entire instructions of your study are in English. Or you can take an exam of IELTS to get an English Proficiency Certificate. Minimum passing of overall bandscore for IELTS is 6.5 for skilled-migrants.
  4. Test your points for Expression of Interest if it pass. Passing points is 100 points. So you should have more than 100 points. But I recommended to get over 120 points. Check your points at
  5. If your test points are over 120 points, you should apply for the EOI (Expression of Interest). But before you apply for EOI, list down all your work experiences, educational attainment etc. Collect also all certificates from work experiences, qualifications etc.
  6. If all set, apply for EOI. Apply online at -- be sure you have credit card or prepare a bank check/cheque for the INZ EOI fees. Or check the fees at -- in my case was I think its 480 NZ$.
  7. Now review your application 10 times or more. Just making sure its accurate. Note in your application, if your skills are in demand, get the ANZSCO number/title and demand level at
  8. Once its lodged, wait till you will be pull from the pool. Immigration New Zealand (INZ) will mail (snail mail) you if you will be invited to apply residency in NZ. In my case, I applied inside NZ, after 2 weeks I got a reply. But I guess if its outside NZ, it will probably take a little bit more longer. Especially in the Philippines that our courier post are corrupt and the service is the poorest among all courier post in the world.
  9. If you received the invitation to apply residency then Congratulations! The door of opportunity in NZ is open for you. Next you will need to lodge your application usually within 4 months. So since you collected already your certificates, the lacking will be the bank cheque and medical certificates.
  10. Ask for enquiry in your local New Zealand Immigration/Embassy what hospitals are valid or authorize for the general medical and X-ray certificate for INZ. Download the form at -- you need to download the General Medical Certificate and Chest X-ray Certificate.
  11. Last certificate will be the NBI clearance certificate. To be sure, get also a Police Clearance certificate. You need to submit not more than 6 months old NBI/Police clearance certificates.
  12. Okay, its all set.. Lodge your application. I think the cost is 1810 NZ$. Please check the fees online at INZ website (#6) to be accurate.
  13. After few weeks, they will email you that they received your application. Assigning to Immigration Officer will take 16 weeks. Processing for the residency visa will take approximately 4-9 months.
I think that's all..Easy or what? Hehehe.. Good luck to your application and hope this will help a lot. Note:
  • If you do not have enough experience but you a got a high points like more than 130 points, they will give you OPEN work visa. Then probation of 6 months, after 6 months or within 6 months that you already got the job related to your skills, INZ will grant you residence visa. This note is based on my enquiries from friends in New Zealand.
Why migrate to New Zealand?
  1. Great benefits! Libre daw manganak sa hospital. So pwede ka birada pirme diba? hehehhe..
  2. Money Benefits for the children. Lamsam daw tawag, not sure. but sounds like lamsam.
  3. Study first, pay later diri ang University.
  4. Daghan paman.. wala palang ko kabalo.. hahahhaa..
Hopefully soon I will have my resident visa... Wish me luck.. I am still on the process on getting the PR visa.