Netflix bug: Updating payment method
Posted: 28 Jul 2022, 20:27pm - Thursday

I registered my Netflix in New Zealand. So, credit card and mobile number will be NZ. Now, I moved to Australia. I need to update the information. So, I updated my mobile number to Australia. But then, when I update my credit card, it's asking for confirmation code but the form is in NZ! Then keep saying "Something went wrong!" Of course because your form is wrong. Because your form is using NZ form for the mobile confirmation. So dumb!

Don't get me wrong! Both countries have confusing flags. But I do know the difference between the flags. :) Back to the topic. Now, how can update my credit card?

So I contacted Live Chat and their recommendation, deactivate my account! Nice!

Now I have to wait until 27 August 2022 so I can update my credit card. Great! Best system!