Corruption in the Philippines: How to eliminate!
Posted: 11 Aug 2021, 22:57pm - Wednesday

John shared this video to me:


This is one of the reason I left from the Philippines. I would say, ALL government officials are corrupt. The future is so dark to become first world country category. Marcos did it but then the corrupt senators put him down and until now Philippines is crawling to poverty.

PH should have tougher punishment or laws, to eliminate these politicians or government officials, PH should execute corrupt people.

Should create a law of the following:

  1. Firing squad execution for severe corruption (over 5 million pesos)
  2. Minor corruption, imprisonment for life (between 1 and 5 million pesos)
  3. Any corrupt or have records cannot run or sit to any government position/role
  4. if the officer caught in corruption, all the family members and 1st degree of the family should be remove from office (if any) and cannot run or sit to any position/role in government

I bet if this will be the law, Philippines will improve significantly. If human rights bump in, come on! Philippines is over populated. Eradicating few evil people is good for the many.

I believe Duterte is trying to lift Philippines, but all the officials surrounds him are just all evil greed and corrupt.